Bamboo joint supports and muscle sleeves created for exercise, recovery and pain relief.

The range consists of wrist, elbow, knee, and ankle supports along with thigh and calf muscle sleeves, organic cotton T-Shirts are also available. Created from our unique bamboo yarn, produced from a renewable resource providing you with unrivalled superior warmth. Used by elite rugby players to gym goers, tennis and golf players, runners and everyone in between. 

Products are sold in various packs to meet your activity needs.. all of which are discounted compared to purchasing them singularly! They can be used while exercising to help provide support and compression while also being used for rehabilitation and recovery the support and compression help drive blood flow to the joint, muscle and surrounding tissue. Providing pain relief and removing any niggles thats stopping you from performing and moving to the best of your ability.

Each product ranges in size from Small through to XXL, find the size guide on the product page.

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