Thigh Compression Support Sleeve For Hamstring & Leg Recovery

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Support The Thigh Joint

Our Bearhug thigh supports provide comfort and practicality thanks to the non-irritating bamboo fibres that don’t crease when worn. All of this helps to support and protect the area during activity.


Thigh joint injuries can be extremely painful and debilitating, so for those who rely on their physical health and mobility to excel in their favourite sports and workouts, putting measures in place to avoid damage is vital in maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle.



Muscle strains and pulls are incredibly common in the thigh among athletes and sportspeople, as there are three large muscle groups that tend to get put under a great deal of continuous pressure through exercise.



Our elite thigh support can enable you to target these three muscle groups, the hamstring muscles, the quadriceps, and the adductors, allowing you to improve your recovery rate and prevent further strains through compression.



Those who participate in team sports like rugby and football will likely spend a lot of time on their feet, switching between sprinting, jogging, jumping, and various sudden high-speed and demanding pursuits. Without the right support during the match and in the rest and recovery period, this level of physical exertion may result in fatigue and painful, strenuous injuries.



These injuries may include contusions, ruptures, gastrocnemius strain, and venous leg ulcers, the effects of which can range from slightly to excruciatingly painful. Using our thigh support to aid compression, you may be able to take an active approach to combat these (and many other) types of leg injuries.


Thigh & Hamstring Compression

To help you speed up your healing process and take some pressure off your thigh muscles, wearing our thigh support to aid compression is highly beneficial.


Compression is a great way to stimulate blood flow and reduce the level of lactic acid in your system. Too much lactic acid can prevent your ability to sufficiently break down energy, resulting in your overall performance suffering. Compression can encourage better circulation, which increases the level of oxygen in your blood, potentially boosting performance.



If you’ve already picked up a leg injury through sport or exercise, our thigh support can help you take care of your muscles and go a long way toward preventing further strains. It can be tempting to try and power through the pain, but this is never the right way to go.



If you are consistently aggravating old thigh injuries, it will likely have a detrimental effect on your long-term health.



The added compression assistance from our thigh support can prevent your older injuries from flaming up again, supplying you with the confidence you need to get back out there.


Uppper Leg & Quad Blood Flow

Good blood flow can bolster your body’s natural healing efforts, allowing tiny tears and strains in your muscles to heal faster.


Tiny tears in the leg muscle are necessary for the growth of the muscle in the future, but they can take a while to recover from if you’re not careful. Our thigh support can aid this healing process by improving blood flow and, therefore, the rate at which fresh oxygen and cells are carried to the damaged muscle.



If you’ve picked up contusions and bruises on your thighs and calves, using a leg support to reduce inflammation and inspire better blood flow can help you manage the pain.



Our durable and comfortable thigh support has got you covered from the home and the office to the track and the field, so it’s worth exploring whatever your personal requirements are. If you need any advice on where to go next, contact us today, and we’ll find you a solution.



Nylon 62% | Bamboo 23% | Spandex 15%

When can I use the thigh support?

The upper leg and thigh is largely made up of quads and hamstrings which contribute to all leg movements like walking, running, cycling and squatting. The hamstrings and quads are therefore often susceptible to torn, strained or pulled muscle injuries which without support and compression can be painful.

The Bearhug Thigh support is designed to be comfortable to wear all day whether at home or work and discreetly under clothes if required. It can be worn to support you while walking around or resting to helping to reduce inflammation and swelling.

The Bearhug bamboo Thigh support provides compression to the hamstring, quad and thigh increasing blood flow, enhancing performance, assisting with rehabilitation and recover.

The increased blood flow while being worn can help accelerate the recovery and rehabilitation muscles pulls, strains and tears while also helping alleviate pain from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Some sports & activities that thigh support can be useful for:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Triathlon
  • Gymnastics
  • Weightlifting

How does the thigh support work?

Bearhug use bamboo charcoal in a unique composition within their thigh support. Bamboo charcoal supports have been scientifically proven to increase blood flow through the joint compared to ordinary supports.

This increased blood flow drives oxygenated blood to the thigh joint flushing out any toxins in the thigh and lower leg which helps your muscle, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue repair quicker while providing pain relief and reducing inflammation and swelling from sports like running.


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United Kingdom

Excellent product

This is an amazing product. I was able to do the things I couldn’t without it almost immediately.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Good Product

I have been suffering from a hamstring injury for several months now and this has helped the recovery process when playing tennis. Highly recommend



Thank you for your review, so great to hear and glad you're back to playing again - Welcome to the pack!

andrew c.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I felt supported

Had a mild hamstring pull a few weeks before a ski holiday, when the injury wasn't improving i bought the bearhug and immediately felt it was getting more support and therefor healed better. seemed to stay in place well. would buy again



Hope the trip was a success and rest up well - welcome to the pack Andrew!

Tony L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Knee and thigh support

Knee Not good does not work for me no support thigh helps but still no support I have got 4 different ones comes in 3rd place



Thanks for your review Tony - if you'd be kind enough to reach out to with your order # and share some further details we'd welcome the feedback in how to improve the product.

Grant L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hamstring recovery

Following a hamstring injury and months of physio, I began running again. The Bearhug support provided an excellent support and gave me confidence.



Wicked to hear you're back out there Grant - welcome to the pack!