Wrist Pain & How a Support Sleeve Can Help

As you will rely on your hands countless times throughout the day, it isn’t surprising to experience various aches and pains or develop a condition, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, or repetitive stress.

Unfortunately, wrist pain can feel debilitating and painful, and it may even affect your career, physical activity, fitness goals, and quality of life. Anyone can develop a painful injury, but some people are more susceptible to wrist pain than others, such as tennis players, golfers, and office workers.

Fortunately, a support sleeve can alleviate uncomfortable wrist pain, allowing you to return to your normal routine as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn how a support sleeve can help wrist pain.

Does a Compression Sleeve Help with Wrist Pain?

Our super soft bamboo wrist support extends to the hand and thumb, helping to protect your wrist joint and soft tissue. As a result, it can provide more support and stability when at rest and during movement, aiding your wrist’s recovery and minimising pain and injury.

The comfortable compression will allow you to move without restriction while increasing blood flow in the area. It will reduce pain and inflammation, speeding up muscle, tendon, and ligament recovery.

A wrist support sleeve is a must-wear for those with arthritis in the wrist or hand, too, as it delivers superb warmth to support compression and blood flow on the wrist joint.

Even if you don’t have wrist pain now, a compression support sleeve can provide more stability during movement or physical activity. For instance, it will stabilise the wrist joint and surrounding area when lifting heavy weights, playing tennis, cricket, or golf, and even typing on a computer, to name a few activities.

How Often Should I Wear a Compression Sleeve?

A compression sleeve isn’t restricted to use during physical activity, as it can double as a hand support that can be worn throughout the day, which is ideal for people with arthritis.

You are free to wear our comfortable bamboo support sleeve all day long, seven days a week, which can provide stability and pain relief when performing everyday tasks. Also, it can relieve inflammation pain when at rest, helping to speed up your recovery.

You will quickly forget you are wearing a wrist support sleeve, as it is made from top-quality charcoal bamboo yarn for superb comfort. Also, the airhole knit boosts its ventilation, ensuring it feels comfortable and breathable hour after hour.

Brace or Support Sleeve?

If you are suffering from wrist pain due to intense physical activity or performing everyday tasks, you might be torn between a wrist brace or support sleeve. However, both products have big differences that you would be wise to familiarise yourself with to make an informed decision.

For instance, a wrist brace is more rigid and immobilising than a wrist support sleeve, as it is made from a thicker material that restricts joint movement. Some braces even feature a splint to further limit motion. For this reason, many people may be recommended to wear a wrist brace to prevent excessive movement following surgery or if they have sustained a sprain or fracture.

A compression support sleeve is a better option for preventing injuries, alleviating pain, faster healing, and improved performance, which is why it is a popular choice for novice and elite athletes, gym goers, and people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. As mentioned, a wrist support sleeve will stabilise the joint during movement, boost blood flow, decrease inflammation, and minimise the risk of overuse or repetitive strain.

How to Prevent Wrist Pain in the Future

Regular breaks are important when performing an activity that may cause wrist pain. For example, stop to rest your hands and place them on their side to take pressure off your wrists.

If you experience pain, place an ice pack in a towel and apply it to your wrist for a maximum of twenty minutes each time over two to three hours. Also, paracetamol can alleviate the pain.

As mentioned, a wrist support sleeve can be worn day or night, helping to minimise pain, reduce inflammation, enhance recovery, and stabilise your wrist joint and surrounding area. It can provide superb wrist, hand, and thumb support when at rest, exercising, or performing various activities.

Our wrist support sleeves are available in many sizes to complement our customers’ needs, from small to XXL. Also, you can buy a single sleeve or a pair to wear at home, in the gym, or when performing various activities.