Knee Compression Support Sleeve For Arthritic Relief & Pain Recovery

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Support The Knee Joint

The comfort from our supports around the knee joint is provided by the round structure of the non-irritating bamboo fibres that don't crease when worn. The product helps to support and protect the joint and surrounding soft tissue during activity and exercise.


Our knee braces are designed to be highly functional and consistently dependable, making them ideal for protecting your knee against various injuries when you’re working out, having fun, or living your life to its fullest.



As any sports lover can tell you, the knee is particularly susceptible to injury. It’s one of the most commonly injured joints in the body. This makes putting the right measures in place to protect yourself a must.



There are plenty of reasons for this increased susceptibility to injury, such as a lack of depth in the socket, the torque generated by the joint, and the amount of weight they need to carry regularly.



Thankfully, you can protect against some of the more common knee injuries with the help of a Bearhug knee support.



Patella fractures are a prime example of this, as they’re a common and painful debilitating injury that needs to be protected against.



They’re especially prevalent in sports like basketball, running, gymnastics, football, and hockey, but generally, they tend to show up in most sports.



The patella is the kneecap, the protective shield that covers the knee joint and protects it from getting hurt by high impacts, hence the reason it can become fractured from taking the brunt of incoming damage.



A knee support will likely be necessary for aiding the patella and the rest of the knee back to health after suffering from a fracture, as they can be the ideal assistive equipment for helping you recondition the knee.



If you’re still feeling the aftereffects of a knee injury you sustained a long time ago, you may need a support brace to give you that extra comfort and support when you walk anywhere.


Knee Compression

Compression is a critical part of the treatment process for many knee injuries, both minor and major, making the support sleeve an effective tool in preventing damage and easing the resulting swelling of existing ones.


The unique composition and intricate weaving techniques used in the production of a Bearhug knee support help apply a comfortable yet critical level of compression. The yarn also has a cross-section filled with micro gaps, allowing the fabric to breathe and eliminate sweat build up during exercise like running, all while continuing to provide support while being worn.



One of the most commonly seen sports injuries is the infamous ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear. ACL problems have put some of the world’s most revered athletes out of commission, and it’s an injury that can be extremely tough to recover from at times, depending on the severity of the tear.



In some cases, surgery is required to repair the knee following an ACL tear, followed by extensive physiotherapy. A knee support can be pivotal in reducing pain and swelling around the knee area should you suffer from an ACL injury.



The support can give your knee the stability it needs to heal effectively. You might find that it enables you to start putting pressure on it much earlier than you otherwise would, allowing you to get back in the saddle of your favourite sport sooner than you expected.


Leg and Knee Blood Flow

Knee tendons naturally receive fairly little blood flow, so without the extra support in place, it may be difficult to encourage the healing process should you suffer from an ailment like tendinitis. Bamboo compression supports have accelerated heat retention properties. Enhancing your performance ​along with decreasing your recovery and rehabilitation periods.​


Tendonitis occurs when tendons are damaged or strained from overuse, and it’s particularly common in sports that require a great deal of jumping, like basketball and gymnastics.



Since tendonitis is usually characterised by a gradual build-up of pain over time, a knee support can be a wonderful tool for helping you combat the worst of this injury before it starts to impact your physical wellbeing too badly.



If you have any questions about how our products can protect your joints against injuries or how they can improve your quality of active life in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today; we’d love help.



Nylon 62% | Bamboo 23% | Spandex 15%

When can I use the knee support?

The knee joint is arguably the most important for lower limb and leg movement, which is why knee joints suffer most injuries and arthritis and why knee pain is a reoccurring issue for many. Without support and compression aches and pains can often inhibit exercise, running and being active.

The Bearhug knee support is designed to be comfortable to wear all day whether at home or work and can be worn discreetly under clothing if required. It can be worn to support you while running, walking around or resting to help reduce inflammation and swelling while providing pain relief from any aches, pains and arthritis.

The Bearhug bamboo knee support provides compression to the joint, ligaments, tendons and surrounding soft tissue. Increasing blood flow, enhancing performance, assisting with rehabilitation and recovery from exercise, running or arthritis.

The increased blood flow while being worn can help accelerate the recovery and rehabilitation of ACL, MCL and other knee sprains, strains, tweaks and arthritis. It can also be used for knee pain from running or arthritis with the bamboo properties reducing swelling and inflammation while providing pain relief.

Some sports & activities that knee supports can be useful for:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • MMA
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Triathlon
  • Gymnastics
  • Weightlifting

How does the knee support work?

Bearhug use bamboo charcoal in a unique composition within their knee support. Bamboo charcoal supports have been scientifically proven to increase blood flow through the joint compared to ordinary supports.

This increased blood flow drives oxygenated blood to the knee joint flushing out any toxins in the knee and leg which helps your muscle, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue repair quicker while providing pain relief and reducing inflammation and swelling from sports like running.


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Dean S.
United Kingdom


Perfect size, perfect fit, perfect feel…just perfect

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Really Good !

Used by both myself and my husband for for recent post 50 knee injuries! Provides brilliant support which makes you feel much more secure during activity. Noticed a significant reduction in pain after wearing. Slim and comfortable enough to wear under normal clothes and sports gear. Very impressed.



Thank you for your review, great to hear the feedback for you and your husband - welcome to the pack to you both!

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Knee support

Excellent service



Welcome to the pack!

jason i.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Knee support

I bought a medium fit knee support because my knee measurement was 1cm under needing a large, it was extremely tight so I exchanged it for a large, this fitted better although still very tight, and after using it out walking found it to be slightly uncomfortable at the back of the knee. I think the material used could do with being slightly softer . My knee support took a long time to arrive, so when I sent it back I re orderd from Amazon and it came the next day.



Thank you for your feedback, it's appreciated and we'll use it moving forward to make the product and experience better. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Roy H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great Support

Gives you the confidence to push that little bit extra. Substantial support for my knee when I exercise and it also helps me knee to recover