University Sports

When choosing which university to join in the United Kingdom, students have a huge selection. The range and difference in expertise up and down the country is really something to be marvelled at, coupled with often difficult application processes, makes selecting where to study tough.

There are many deciding factors when it comes to choosing a university and for many it will come down to the degree they have decided to study.  However, other factors come into play, such as location, learning style, entrance processes, quality of social life, which can be dependent on extra-curricular activities such as societies and sports teams.

College sports in the United States is massive, with sports fans in their own right and while the United Kingdom has got a long way to go to match anything like America but changes are being made to highlight the sports talent of students, like the BUCS Super Rugby and some universities are going beyond that and aiming for the top.

Cardiff Metropolitan University is a great example.

A quick glance at the courses and facilities available at Cardiff Metropolitan University and it becomes clear just how important sport is for students. There are two campuses at Cardiff Metropolitan University and one is mainly dedicated to sport.

Take the Men’s Football Sports Club for example, they have a team in the Welsh Premier League, which is the top football league in Wales. The winner of this league qualifies for the Champions League, which is arguably the biggest club football tournament in the world. At the time of writing, Cardiff Metropolitan University more than hold their own in the Welsh Premier League and they remain the top university for those who want to play football at a high level.

The University of Loughborough is another good example of a university where sport plays a huge role in the daily lives of students. The University was voted as the University of the Year in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019 and rated the best university in the world for sports-related subjects in the 2018 QS World University Rankings.

There are over 50 different sports played competitively at Loughborough, however the University is also highly regarded in terms of research into sport, much of which has an impact at the highest level. For example, the university has been involved in developing a system to measure decision making skills on the football pitch in conjunction with Chelsea FC academy and they have also assisted Ross Edgley in his ground breaking Great British Swim. 

This allows students to not only be involved in playing high quality sport but also have an input into sport off the pitch.

Professional sport is big business and there is a rewarding career for those who make it to the top of their chosen sport. That’s why choosing a university has become more than simply studying an academic course and universities with great sporting pedigree are becoming more popular than ever before.