The Bearhug pack - Cardiff Half Marathon

Where do I start, what a day! 

On the 6th October 2019, Cardiff entertained over 20,000 runners and 40,000 spectators on Sunday and within it; three brave blokes in Bearhug budgie smugglers!

The amazing Bearhug Pack are on a mission to get people moving with 75 minutes of vigorous activity and 150 of moderate activity per week as advised by the World Health Organisation.

What better way than to lead by example and for those of us in the team who don’t do this advised amount (ummm, me!) were challenged to take on the Cardiff Half as one pack together.

After months of encouragement and supporting each other through the dark nights starting at one mile only, we finally made it to the finish line on Sunday with a finish time of 2 hours 57 minutes!

We would like to commend the Cardiff Half organisers for putting on an amazing event! So well organised and what a wonderful support team of volunteers, all with a smile on their faces throughout. What made this for me was the comradery of all the runners taking part. The cheers of the people who spotted the guys were hilarious and to see ladies drop back for a little jog behind them (and an up-close view) to keep them going for another few miles was hilarious! It made for a fun great day and a big thank you from the Bearhug team to everyone who got involved in photos with us and singing along to Tom Jones with us!

I must say that however hard it was mentally and physically to get to that start line, the amazing bearhug pack made it one of those days that will stay in my memory for quite a while! I’m sure the same can be said for those people who witnessed the three amigos in their briefs too!

Jen Smith, Bearhug pack