Running Into Spring

Spring is meant to bring with it a change in the weather for the better.. When it does finally come some of us start to look towards all the things that we can do in the sunshine. Sitting in a beer garden may be the ideal choice for some, but others may decide that they love the idea of getting out in the fresh air and grabbing some exercise too. One way to do this is with running.

But what makes it so worthwhile running into Spring? 

London Marathon is just around the corner.

The London Marathon is an iconic race that people from around the world competing in. It is held on the 28thApril and takes 40,000 runners on a 26.2 mile course around the capital and is watched the entire world over. Knowing that this amazing event is about to happen is enough motivation to get people new to running out there racking up the miles. 

Accessing Couch to 5k has never been easier.

If you are new to running then one way that you can start and get yourself ready for any races you have on the horizon is with a couch to 5k training plan. Simply download the app, get your trainers on and follow the plan. Couch to 5ks are a great introduction to training plans and you can also encourage and organise to run together with friends. 

Running is good for you.

Running gets you outside and away from a screen (unless you’re running on a treadmill in a boring gym - not something we recommend when you can be outside) benefitting not only your physical health but your mental too. Raising your heart rate with a run releases endorphins and makes you feel a million times better after being out getting after it!

Get a little help with calf supports. 

The only thing about taking up running (apart from the need to treat yourself to some new kit) is that it can be hard going on your body. Recovery is key and this can take time out of your schedule, which isn’t ideal if you are training for a race or for a marathon. 

One great way to make the difference to how quickly you recovery is with compression gear, just like the calf supports available from us at Bearhug these supports increase blood flow through your calfs and feet, helping you recover faster and getting you back out there feeling race ready faster.