Brace Yourself: Why You Need This Kind of Support in Your Training Kit.

Recently there’s been a change of attitude towards healthy lifestyles, a change for the better, the number of people increasing their activity levels through playing sports and exercising has soared. As a result, more people are educating themselves on the best ways to reach their goals and one bit of kit to help this, is a support. The growing sales of sports supports shows just how imperative they are for your training needs. Not only can they help prevent injuries but also aid athlete performance and recovery time.  

What are they?

There can be some confusion between braces, supports and wraps. 

Braces are generally used to immobilize joints through external hardware that the user can fine tune. 

Wraps are true to their name. Support is created from wrapping the joint/muscles generating tension in the fabric that’s to the user’s discretion. 

Supports fall somewhere in between. Their design changes depending on the area, however they’re all designed to be worn like a ‘sleeve’ that fits snuggly around the specific joint/muscles providing support. They can be helpful for everyone from general gym goers to professional athletes for any sports. Weightlifters and runners use them all the way through to combat sportsmen and women. 

Why do you need them?

These are the top reasons why many athletes are opting for supports to wear to train and compete. 

Supports have a unique way of increasing blood flow either through compression or added heat retention around the desired area. This in turn drives more oxygen rich blood through the area which has countless benefits:

·      Train Harder for Longer

With more oxygen rich blood reaching your joints and muscles they fatigue later than without a support. 

·      Recover Quicker

Wearing supports after training continues to retain heat, the increased blood flow accelerates muscle repair and the flushing of lactic acid allows you to recover quicker to train more frequently than before.

·      Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is key to reaching your goals. Through wearing supports you receive the aforementioned benefits and as result of the likelihood of injury is lessened as your muscles and joints are in optimal condition for training. 

·      Confidence Boosting

The psychological benefit of wearing a support can be invaluable. When you wear a support on a joint or muscle that’s previously been injured it gives a sense of security along with supporting the desired area, putting your worries at ease. Allowing you to perform at your best to reach your goals. 

Where can you find the best support?

For us here at Bearhug this change in attitude towards a healthy lifestyle has been awesome! Not only can we help educate people on how best to care for their aching muscles or joints, we can also get people back on track and overcoming injuries to reach their goals. There really isn’t many better feelings. 

There is a whole market out there that is selling supports! However, various British athletes like MMA fighter David ‘one more’ Round and Tom Radley, Team GB runner along with multiple professional rugby players all wear our supports. The power of the bear is growing!

Our bamboo charcoal supports are designed to ‘hug’ your aching joints and worn out muscles. The unique composition utilizing bamboo charcoal provides unrivalled heat retention and breathability properties. 

CEO Gareth Hobbs said: ‘We have developed what we believe to be the best products in the market, both the pro-athletes that helped us create these and our customer feedback are telling us these are the real deal. Bamboo charcoal is what sets us apart and gives you a support that will allow you to ease past your goals however large or small’ 

So, are you ready to give your aching muscles and joints the support they need? Purchase your new support here!