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Prevent injury & aid your recovery with a Bearhug bamboo calf compression sleeve

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Oliver Ayre
Immediately noticed the difference when using this product to help with my shin splints. I only regret not buying two!

Harness the power provided by a Bearhug compression calf support to prevent injury and recover quicker. Whether you are a seasoned runner or cyclist or just enjoy hiking and walking, the calf muscle goes through a lot.

After all, the calf is a shock absorber of impact and works hard to keep you moving forward. This makes aches and pains in this area a common occurrence. Uncomfortable shin splints and tendonitis are frequent, too. That’s where our premium bamboo technology leg compression sleeve comes in to boost circulation, provide warmth, reduce muscle fatigue, and give you unrivalled support.

Say goodbye to shin splint pain and calf muscle and tissue aches with Bearhug. Our calf supports aren’t just for serious sportspeople, though! Just about everyone can benefit from wearing one. Whether you enjoy exercise as a hobby or play as part of a team, our calf compression sleeves are the number one choice for comfort and support when your legs need it the most.

Fed up with aching muscles? Give Bearhug a go today!

How Does A Bearhug Calf Support Work?

Care goes into making sure each Bearhug compression sleeve works as it should. The unique bamboo charcoal yarn we use gives you support and comfort that you won’t find elsewhere.

Lower Leg Support

Your calves go through immense pressure during activity, and the muscles can be quick to fatigue. Our sleeves work hard to provide an extra layer of cushioning to the area, promoting circulation to relieve aches and pains while giving unchallenged shin splint support.

More Blood Flow

The bamboo that goes into our calf support helps to boost blood flow and the increased circulation helps to flush out toxins and drives oxygenated blood to the lower leg area to effectively reduce muscle and tissue tiredness and inflammation to help you keep going and recover quicker.

Critical Compression For Calf

Clever stretch and weaving composition mean Bearhug calf supports for runners and other athletes – whether pro or casual – drive a critical level of compression to the lower leg. This helps to protect the muscles and effectively reduce inflammation. Don’t worry about feeling restricted, though! Our compression sleeves are also comfortable.

Pain Relieving

Most people have experienced the discomfort of an aching calf. Our calf support works to combat this with precision compression, alleviating pain and stress on the lower leg.

Bamboo Comfort

Formed using round bamboo fibres for the ultimate comfort, our compression sleeve will not slip out of place during activity, bunch up or irritate your skin. They’re super soft, too, so you won’t have to worry about itchy or scratchy material.

Moisture Prevention

Bamboo is lightweight and breathable. Combined with our unique technology that creates micro gaps for added ventilation, our compression sleeves effectively eliminate sweat build-up.

Who Is The Bearhug Calf Support Sleeve For?

As an inclusive brand, our compression calf sleeves are suitable for all people and activity levels.

Runners & Cyclists

Cycling and running are hard on the legs. The lower leg takes the brunt of the impact and works hard to power you through. That’s why a Bearhug calf compression for shin splits, aching muscles, and tendon pain is a welcome addition to your kit bag.

Every Sport

Bearhug calf supports are for absolutely anyone who exercises! You don’t have to be a serious runner or cyclist to enjoy the benefits of wearing our product. They’re suitable for gymnastics, team sports players, and walkers, to name a few.

Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

At Bearhug, we understand that you don’t want an injury to hold you back from reaching your full potential. The compression and increased blood flow our supports provide help you recover quicker from injuries relating to the lower leg than other sleeves. Our calf supports are great for preventing injury and inflammation, too.

Day-Long Wear

Not just for wear during exercise, our leg compression sleeve is comfortable enough for all-day wear to provide ongoing support throughout the day. This works hard to limit inflammation when you are resting.


You don’t want sub-par materials to let you down when you are mid-workout. Bamboo is known for its strength, making it a durable material for our calf supports. Whatever you use them for, you can rest assured that they will survive it.

When can I use the calf support?

Calves are put under a lot of stress during exercise and activates like running or cycling, absorbing much of the impact and providing the power needed to propel you forward. Inevitably resulting in aches and pains through conditions like shin splints and tendonitis. Bearhug calf support provide runners, cyclists and athletes with an effective way to support their lower legs.

The Bearhug Calf support is designed to be comfortable to wear all day whether at home or work and can be worn discreetly under clothing if required. It can be worn to support you while walking around or resting to help reduce inflammation and swelling while providing pain relief from any aches, pains and muscle soreness.

The Bearhug bamboo Calf support provides runners, cyclists and athletes compression and support to the lower leg. Increasing blood flow, enhancing performance, assisting with rehabilitation and recovery while providing pain relief for conditions like shin splints and tendonitis.

The Calf support can be used to accelerate recovery and rehabilitation from a calf or shin injury with the bamboo properties increasing blood flow. The sleeves can also be used during exercise and activities outdoors and indoors to provide support and compression for pain relief from shin splints and muscle soreness.

Some sports & activities that calf supports can be useful for:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Triathlon
  • Gymnastics
  • Weightlifting

How does the calf support work?

Bearhug use bamboo charcoal in a unique composition within their calf support. Bamboo charcoal supports have been scientifically proven to increase blood flow through the joint compared to ordinary supports.

This increased blood flow drives oxygenated blood to the calf joint flushing out any toxins in the calf and lower leg which helps your muscle, ligaments, tendons and soft tissue repair quicker while providing pain relief and reducing inflammation and swelling from sports like running.

Our Bearhug Promise

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