Welcome To The Pack! 

We're delighted to have you onboard as Bearhug Ambassador (Bearbassador). The brand is on an exciting journey and with your influence, expertise and feedback we'll be sure to be steered in the right direction. 

For a recap about the business - 

Bearhug was born in 2016 after a series of long term injuries left Rhys and. his co-founders frustrated and fed up. Not knowing what they would find they set out on a quest globally to find a solution after becoming bored and unenthused with the offering in the UK at the time - the entire market offering was filled with sterile, colourless products with negative connotations around wearing them to boot.

To challenge the market Bearhug is the brand behind bamboo joint supports & muscle sleeves created from our unique bamboo yarn, offering unrivalled comfort and superior warmth from a renewable resource.

Our vision is to create an inclusive supportive community connected through activity - starting with the you, our pack. #movementismedicine

The core range consists of wrist, elbow, knee & ankle joint supports along with calf & thigh muscle sleeves. In addition we have an ever growing range of clothing and accessories.

Don't just take our word for it - our compression wear has made it to Everest, been worn by the Worlds Strongest Man, supported international sports teams and helped countless others around marathons and parkruns and now you!

What you'll get from us : 

You will receive a discount code for you to share with your audience which will be 20% discount code for you to share at your discretion and in addition to this you will get a 20% commission on any sales received through your code use. 

  • Pair of every support sleeve (wrist, elbow, thigh, knee, calf, ankle)
  • Bobble Hat
  • Tee
  • Hoodie 
  • Socks
  • Robe

In total this is worth over £400 - in addition you will get any new products we release ahead of time!

Once set up through our platform (Shopify Collabs) you'll get payment at the end of the month once 30 days has cleared after the date of the original order - this is to accommodate the returns window.

What we'd like from you :

Support! We've selected you because of your influence within your discipline and sport. Please wear the sleeves, supports and merchandise anywhere and everywhere - along with tagging us on social in any content you create or share images that Bearhug appears within.
We'd be delighted if you could put us in your bio along with any story highlights. 

Occasionally we will call upon you to help push particular new releases or marketing messages along with one photoshoot per annum. We can communicate this via a closed whatsapp group with the wider Bearbassador team. 

The boring bit :

This arrangement will last 12 months from the point of engagement - at which point we will review what worked, what didn't, what we learnt and conclude on how best we move forward collectively.

Lets get started! 

Follow this link to get started : https://getabearhug.com/pages/collab