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Calf sleeves

These arrived in perfect condition. I measured my calves to get the recommended size and the for is spot on. No issues with them slipping but I have not done any serious distance cycling with them. I use them for recuperating after martial arts and they certainly keep the muscles warm without being too restrictive.


Nice if it arrived!


Just back from a 6 day hiking trip and I can't recommend the bearhugs enough! Usually I get quite a bit of knee pain, especially on downhill descents. First time using these and not even a twinge the whole time! I am truly impressed and didn't expect them to perform as well as they did. Amazing!

Thanks for the review Sy, keep smashing them hills! Welcome to the Pack.

Bruce Pitcher (Hull, GB)
Great buy

I bought a pair of calf supports and she found them great for her circulation problems. So when I had a problem with a leg strain I bought a recovery pack and they have helped me maintain my cycling program

Brilliant Bruce, keep up the cycling and Welcome the Pack!

To soon to tell

After eventually getting the items I ordered
A wrist support and a elbow support for tennis elbow. I have only had the items for just over a week as my physio said it’s impossible to give a fair assessment for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Apologies for the Delay with Royal Mail Andy, thanks for your review and welcome to the Pack!
I hope these give you some relief soon.

Came quickly, works well, no complaints

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Only good from time to time

Becomes uncomfortable if left on for any period over one hour. Have to remove every day thereafter.

Hi Roy,
Please feel free to get in contact with us if you're having issues and have any questions at .
Hopefully this is something we can resolve.
Thanks for your review!


Has helped my swollen ankle after snapping my tendon 12 months ago, I wish I’d got one sooner. Will be buying another.

Glad to hear it's helped you find some relief Nicola, Welcome to the Pack!


Very comfortable.

Lovely Craig, Welcome to the Pack!

Support for my injury

These were great, got me the support I needed.

Brilliant Mark, Welcome to the Pack!

Great product!

Really pleased with the quality and fit of my knee support. My knee felt very stable and it allowed me to do my usual daily dog walks with much more confidence. Used it daily for a week and my knee is now starting to feel stronger and seems to be recovering.

Amazing Jackie, wishing you a speedy recovery. Welcome to the Pack!

Helps my knees

Feel like I get a bit more support for my knees with these compared to my other knee sleeves

Brilliant news Jo, Welcome to the Pack!

Amazing for recovering MCL tear

I tore my MCL whilst skateboarding and was on crutches with a splint. After a few months it felt okay but when the shops reopened after lockdown I was back at work and had to be on my feet all day from 9am til 7pm. My knee started feeling incredibly sore again, and I had a few cheaper supports that weren't really helping. I invested in this, and honestly despite measuring it felt tight around my thigh, so I didn't really wear it but kept it I'm my bag. One day at work my knee pain was becoming unbearable, so I put this on and felt immediate relief. I wore it at work from then on and it helped massively. I have since got back to skateboarding and wear it whilst I skate. I did a whole day skating yesterday and it felt fine, but once I took it off I realised my knee was hurting. The support it so good that it didn't hurt whilst I was wearing it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a support, don't waste your money on cheaper versions.

Amazing review Molly, thank you!
Be careful getting back to skating if you're still having issues but I'm glad we've helped you find some pain free time, keep it up and welcome to the Pack!

Calf compression sleeves

Bought for my son for rugby. Training 5 days a week he was suffering badly with shin splints. These have totally done the job and he’s pain free when training. Definitely recommended.

Amazing news Clare, Welcome him to the Pack for us!

Thanks Bearhug!

Exactly what I hoped for: they really work. Size guide really helpful. All in all, highly recommended.

Brilliant news Paul, I'm glad they help! Welcome to the Pack.

Really impressed!

Lightweight, cool very supportive. Fits well. Ideal!

Short and sweet, love it, Welcome to the Pack Paul!

Great support

Great support from the anklets and they have let me continue running.

Good to hear they're keeping you running Lauren, Welcome to the Pack!

Brilliant product,, I bought this for my tennis elbow would highly recommend

Lovely review, Welcome to the Pack Amanda!

Pair of Knee Compression Support Sleeves For Arthritic Pain Relief & Recovery

Welcome to the Pack Mike!

Nice and snug

Arrived really quickly , fits nice and snug and really helped with my Achilles

Brilliant news Mark, Welcome to the Pack!

Excellent on my Shinsplints

Really had a massive impact on my Shin splints. Nothing else would really relieve them like my bearhugs!
Great product. Thank you very much!

Amazing to hear that Nathaniel, keep it up and welcome to the Pack!

Knee sleeve

Great product seems to be helping me loads when playing football, boxing and running 100% recommend. 😁

Brilliant news!
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Impressive product, swift delivery, does what it should on the support front and bamboo too. Recommended

Thank you Amber, we aim to please!
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Amazing Product.

2 weeks before I purchased these I took on the yorkshire 3 peaks challenge and could barely walk down the last hill. The weekend just gone I completely the national 3 peaks challenge and ran down everyone. Completely changed the game. No knee pain what so ever. Comfortable aswell. Thanks Bearhug.

Awesome Thomas, I hope you keep on smashing more challenges!
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Really happy with calf sleeves

Been using these since the day I got them. For running, walks, and on leg day. I suffer with calf pain a fair bit and sometimes shin splints had 0 issues while using these, I can highly recommend them!

That's what we like to hear Lee, putting them to good use!
Welcome to the pack.