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Bearhug are created from our unique bamboo charcoal yarn. Produced from a renewable resource providing you with unrivalled comfort and superior warmth. Worn by runners, tennis players, weightlifters and anyone else who's active, providing support, compression and pain relief both during and after exercise and activity.. 


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" Get support, prevent injury "

"Runners have seen the advantages of calf sleeves for some time now, so why shouldn't walkers get the benefits? The compression can be beneficial for shin splints, muscle cramps and tendinitis, and the extra warmth they offer increases blood flow to muscles. The Bearhug Calf Supports are a particularly good example using renewable bamboo charcoal fibres for ultimate comfort and superior blood flow enhancement."

Trail Magazine | February 2019


If you'd like to partner with Bearhug whether you are a weight lifting gym, tennis club or running group, Bearhug joint supports and muscle sleeves can help every player and participant at every level don't hesitate to get in touch via any of the formats above. 

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